EASA Part-66 Basic Knowledge examination


Information on EASA Part-66 Basic Knowledge exams in Kyiv, Ukraine

Provider: A.B.C. Management
Approved Location: Training Center KOD, 2A, Mykhaila Dontsa Street, Kyiv, 03061, Ukraine
EASA Approval Certificate Number PL.147.0017

  • All exams should be taken at our EASA Part-66 approved training facility in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Address: 2A, Mykhaila Dontsa Str, 03061, Kyiv, Ukraine. GPS: 50.4360597, 30.4312193

  • No online option is available for EASA Part-66 BK exams.

  • The exam test is handled on PC in a form of MCQ (Multi-Choice-Question) 

  • All questions in MCQ are provided in English. You can write an essay in English or Russian

  • Polish or Lithuanian languages are also available by separate request. 

  • The result of the test is shown on PC screen in a few minutes after the test completion.  

  • In case of Modules with the essay (M7, M9, M10), the result comes  in 14 calendar days maximum.

  • Upon successful completion of every exam, student gets the certificate of EASA form 148 issue 3.

  • The certificates are issued in PDF format, but you also can order the originals by covering the mailing costs.

  • Depending on size of the group, and number of modules to pass, we can offer additional discounts

  • You have to apply for your dates and modules, and confirm your attendance minimum 1 week prior to the exam date.

  • For more information and check-in for the exam please write to us at info@abcmanagement.com.ua or WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram at +380503117615

There are some changes possible to exam schedule and other details through the year. Please follow us on our web-site and network for fresh updates, news and announcements: