• You build your new business and have questions?

• Business has already been built, but you feel it works not really effectively?

• Do you want to cut costs?

• The structure of the company is getting fat?

• Problems in the team?

• Looking for the right specialist?

• Tired of the large number of small suppliers?

• You have many departments and specialists, but you don't get the desired result out of them?

• You don't want to spend your time on office supplies, cleanings, repairs and other "non-core" activities?

• You have other questions, how to work better and more efficiently?


Then we have something to talk about!

We are from Aviation business

Core of our team are people from the aviation industry, who have various  experience and specialization.


Aviation business has several features:

Firstly, it is marginally profitable, it means that management of aviation companies is always aimed at reducing costs and optimizing business processes. We used to work on the philosophy of "One Man Airline", that is, to solve big tasks with minimal resources.

Secondly, this business is very dynamic and we are used to be flexible, taking the challenges as possibility to  broaden our knowledge and scope of responsibilities.


Third, aviation - is the area of ​​strict requirements and standards and personal responsibility for the result. This philosophy is in minds of all the people who have worked in the aviation industry for a while. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions.


Fourth, aviation industry doesn't accept giving up and being afraid of the new. We are used to start from scratch and bring follow through.



These features we inherited from aviation industry allow us to respond flexibly and creatively to the tasks, finding the solutions that are not complex and expensive, but rather effective and focused at the result expected.


Amelia Earhart, the famous woman pilot, aviation pioneer, said, "The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity."



We are focused on results achievement. We are not afraid to act. The rest is merely tenacity.

We are growing

We started our work after the crisis of 2008 as Aviation Business Consulting & Management, focused on a few highly specialized projects on aviation issues, mainly at the requests of our friends and partners.


However, soon our customers began to ask us more and more for our support and advice on general principles of effective business management, cost reduction, staff motivation and result achievement. So we started to provide support on these issues.


The political and economic crisis in Ukraine of 2013-14 forced all businesses to revert from strategic projects to crisis management mood, to look at basic things.


Our customers have been raising completely different questions: How to save on administrative functions? Where to find cheaper service providers? How to transfer non-core work to outsource? How to cut costs and staff? How management could save their time and resources spent on routine and non-core, administrative activities?


Responding to the current needs of our customers, we got into various office support issues using our business connections. We have built up a good pool of contacts at the market, as well as knowledge and experience that helps us to solve a lot of the "basic" problems, from office supplies procurement up to big outsourcing projects.

In 2015, we added to our portfolio of services general business consulting and a range of office support services addressing various administrative and operational tasks that are relevant to our business today.


Aviation Business Consulting & Management has entered a new phase of development - ABC Management, reflecting a wider range of our services and capabilities.


How it works

You have questions and some understanding of the desired outcome. We have the experience, the experts and proven partners. We will try to provide convenient and accessible form of cooperation to find solution to your question. If it's possible then we try to provide you with alternative options - and you choose. We do not promise to solve your every problem, but with our help you at least take a direction and decision to act. The rest would be the tenacity to go step by step up to your desired goal.

Are you interested?

"ABC Management" is actively developing team. We will be happy to meet you and help you determine your goals, develop solutions and implement them. Let's make an appointment!